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 蘇州華乃爾自動化  Kunshan Huanair Precision Instrument Co;Ltd was founded in July 2006, our products are automatic metallographic cutting and grinding machine, automatic metallographic polishing machine, the wire color identification device, terminal section analyzer, plug testing machine, cleanliness detector, laser flatness measurement instrument, flatness and verticality of the online detection system of online products. Offline and testing equipment; and matching with the relevant measurement software reliability and environmental test equipment and various testing instruments. Our aim is to provide customers with domestic or international standards requirements of online testing equipment and laboratory, off-line equipment and related testing techniques. Customers are mainly located in China, East China, Southern China, northeast China ,southwest China; and the United States, Germany, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia etc.

       Our products are widely used in scientific research, aviation, military, electrical, electronic, toys, plastics, hardware, batteries, mobile phones, photoelectric, LED, connectors, wiring harness and other parts of the industry industry. The company in line with excellent talents, technology, scientific research, electrical, electronic, military, aviation, communications, automobiles, laptops and other teaching, research, enterprises and other units to provide industry standards for various types of testing equipment. 

    Our spirit is "Save labor,Save timer, and save space" ;our technical personnel engaged in automation testing engineering, to provide high-quality, accurate detection equipment and durable, beautiful appearance, convenient and efficient automation for customers, ensure the product performance is stable and the precision of equipment ,exceed customer expectations. To help customers improve quality, reduce costs and increase market competitiveness. We pay attention to all the customer's product test and test questions, and provide the best performance price ratio solution according to the customer's different requirements. We sincerely thank you for choosing our products and services, hope to go along woth you to create new success.