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Five three-dimensional problem of automatic image measuring instrument in the development of devices that exist

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016/7/19 14:45:15 Hits:2376
Automatic three-dimensional image measuring instrument in the development of devices that exist in five key issues:
A measuring instrument equipment market, although increased, but failed to scale development.
According to statistics, in recent years, new market was occupied by a large number of small manufacturers. Did not scale enterprises.
Second, the three-dimensional automatic image measuring instrument Enterprise threshold is low, the quality of personnel varies greatly.
Meter plant lower initial investment cost, the entire investment is estimated at around 300,000, resulting in relatively isolated measuring instrument equipment industry, not industry reshuffle, good money can not expel the bad money, mixed enterprises.
Third, pursue ism, less innovation and R & D.
Domestic meter companies rarely have new inventions, new creation, new applications. Manufacturing enterprises in the shortage of human resources pressure, choose automation. But the savings from automatic measuring instrument of human resources point of view can be roughly divided into three stages: semi-automatic, fully automated, automation and information technology integration. Based on cost considerations, many companies choose a semi-automated equipment, or slightly more complicated process is completed by hand, this semi-automated products Next mechatronic better understanding of all people can be independently designed. Such a large number of low-level automation needs restricted to a higher level of development of non-standard industry.
Fourth, the industry loose, there is no organizational advantage.
Automatic three-dimensional image measuring instrument device is not set up trade associations. As the saying goes Naichi cry of the child, there is no industry associations, government hard to hear voices from the measuring instrument industry, we will not get any preferential policies, at least on the tax it at a disadvantage.
Five, three-dimensional automatic image measuring instrument was not obvious advantages of scale enterprises.
Although small businesses are the main gauge of the industry, but there were also some non-standard more than 100 medium-sized enterprises. These medium-sized enterprises gauges annual output value of tens of millions of levels, but because of management problems, designers and equipment staff did not show enough responsibility, resulting in product quality and performance of a number of medium-sized enterprises in the meter is not satisfactory. Over time, many manufacturers turned back to small businesses to purchase relatively inexpensive measuring instrument measuring instrument products.