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Evaluation on the terminal cross section of the analyzer

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016/7/21 17:16:49 Hits:2437
Terminal cross-section analyzer located production site directly for spare parts and special equipment to monitor process quality and process operation. They are characterized by mass production of the modern enterprise quality assurance system, it plays an important role. Thus, the importance of it properly reasoned assessment is self-evident.
Although this type of special test equipment, in particular the multi-parameter measuring equipment back different occasions, working principle, type of structure also vastly different, but the mode of operation of the CCP a lot of places: the measurement object substantially fixed, but the complex shape, It was seized many parameters, the high frequency of use, the majority of comparative measurement principle, and poor working conditions. On this basis, since the early 1990s, has been found in a variety of foreign assessment criteria and technical guidance documents, unified, standardized terminal section analysis instrument of acceptance, evaluation played an important role.
Expression of various documents, although different, can be summed up assessment index terminal cross section of the analyzer, mainly in the following two items: repeatability and accuracy. Repeatability characterizes the ability under the same conditions on the same measurement was repeatedly measured consistency between the results obtained, it is a profound reflection Devices itself to adapt to the testing work. The use of indicators, will be able to measure the results of the Condition random errors have a thorough understanding. For repeatability, evaluation methods and standards used by the index value difference is not too large, the department in charge is also easier to learn and operate, but the accuracy, the situation is completely different.
Accuracy is measured test results to its true value consistent level, ISO and national standards enacted three years ago, according to "Measurement uncertainty assessment and said that" the interpretation of the term, it is a qualitative rather than quantitative indicators, in order to avoid misunderstanding, the accuracy or the use of the following traditional names, which many foreign and guiding criteria are not contrary. No doubt the accuracy of the measurement results is a comprehensive reflection of the systematic error and random error, and repeatability, as is the evaluation of a cross section of the terminal analyzer) is an important indicator.