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Overview to terminal cross section of the analyzer

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016/8/5 9:18:19 Hits:2444
Harness terminal cross section of the analyzer for the wire harness industry quality inspection specifically developed a sophisticated detection analysis equipment, the entire system consists of terminal cutting equipment, grinding equipment, corrosion cleaning, cross-sectional image acquisition system, wiring harness terminal image measurement and analysis systems and other units, It is divided into three types: portable, standard, studio.
Cover detection system can analyze a complete processing terminal in 5 minutes, which greatly improved the quality inspection section terminal speed. Simple operation, high-quality image acquisition system, accurate measurement and analysis for your production escort. High-performance microscopic observation instrument and dedicated software can easily and accurately measure the length, calculations area. Magnification from 45 times to 260 times the maximum. AWG30 over the hairline can clearly show. With a newly developed section dedicated evaluation software can be measured CH · CW, can calculate the instantaneous cross-sectional area. Measurement accuracy at maximum magnification of 1 ~ 2μm.

    First, use
Harness terminal cross-sectional analysis of microscopic detection are set to produce three-dimensional images, three-dimensional sense of strong, clear image and wide, with a longer working distance can observe objects; harness terminals for high precision image measurement and analysis system, a combination of the detection harness terminal microscope, high-quality optical system with the perfect combination of high-resolution camera, so that cross-sectional images clearer, a unique set times the fixed gear make more accurate measurements.
    Second, the system features
① does not require sealing with resin
Before making way sealing resin samples need to go through the resin hardened resin cutting >>> >>> sample grinding process to produce a sample takes a few hours. Since this device does not require sealing resin, making a sample time can be shortened to only 5 minutes.

② using a dedicated terminal fixture may correspond to a wide range of terminal sizes
Terminal special fixture newly developed terminal can be reliably clamped. No need to worry in the grinding process will produce deformed crimping portion. Wire flying and so on. Affiliated standard fixture suitable for AWG5 ~ AWG26 wires. As the thread clamp option corresponds AWG26 ~ AWG36 wires.

③ the use of high-performance microscope and special software, you can easily correct length measurement · Area Calculation
The maximum magnification 45 times to 260 times. More than AWG30 hairlines can also be clearly demonstrated. Also newly developed for crimping end surface evaluation special software. Instant C / H, C / W, the cross-sectional area, etc. can be measured.

④ The measurement results have made the report in the form of performance
And various data measured core wire compression rate and vivid graphics section can be transported together on an Excel document. It can be very simple to create complex surface evaluation report

    Third, the technical parameters
1. Harness sectional Analyzer Microscope: 0.75X ~ 4.5X (6-speed)
2. Video Total magnification: 40 ~ 260X
3. Scope wire: 0.05㎡ ~ 30 m
  4. Power: AC100V ~ AC240V
5. The imaging system: SONY industrial systems 2 million high-definition video
6. Cutting sheet specifications: Φ120X0.5mm
7. Grinding sandpaper: 3000 #
8. Standard fixture: 35mm
9. sophisticated automatic cutting table (including professional jig)
10. The precision automatic grinding station (including professional jig)
11. Professional terminal image analysis software and CD-ROM containing encryption locks
12. The high-precision reference scale
13. Terminal corrosion: corrosive liquid
14. lighting: all white adjustable LED illumination device (cold)
15. Dimensions: W1200XD450XH350

    IV Software features
Professional terminal image analysis software
Outstanding operating performance
Simple icon operation
During operation only need to use the mouse to select the icon you can.
Wire drawing area automatic number identification wire
Identifying core areas. You can choose according to color.
Alternatively the corresponding languages ??English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese.
Analysis measurement area, the width stamping, punching height, angle, text input
A key export reporting feature pictures, Excel, print (PDF)