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X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Shimadzu

BXR606 is a Rohs6 term testing of special test equipment, has been in the country for many years, stable quality, affordable, and increase test detects Sn, Ti, Sb and other projects, and the thickness of plating, etc. according to customer demand.[Detailed]

Rohs elemental analyzer

Shimadzu energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzer EDX-7000 (the detection range of elements Na ~ U) and EDX-8000 (the detection range of elements C ~ U).[Detailed]

X-ray fluorescence elemental analyzer

EDX-7000/8000 energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzer EDX-7000, the scope of analysis: 11Na --- 92U EDX-8000, the scope of analysis: 6C --- 92U[Detailed]

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer EDX-720

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer EDX-720 rapid determination of hazardous metals ppm level! Deal with WEEE & RoHS, ELV and other harmful substances regulations. Deal with ASTM F963, EU_EN71 US and EU regulations and directives toys, to ensure that products and materials green. X-ray fluorescence spectromet…[Detailed]

X-ray fluorescence analyzer EDX-GP

X-ray fluorescence analyzer EDX-GP is the most suitable for RoHS / ELV / halogen-free regulations restrict the harmful elements of X-ray fluorescence analysis screening X-ray fluorescence analyzer EDX-GP optical analyzer. The first time you use the EDX-GP, can easily operate, easy to operate and with high…[Detailed]

X-ray fluorescence analyzer EDX-LE

EDX-LE is a dedicated harmful elements RoHS / ELV / regulations restrict the screening analysis of X-ray fluorescence analyzer. With no liquid nitrogen refrigeration electron (Si-PIN detector) detector, thus achieving lower operating costs and easier maintenance at the same time, to maintain high credibil…[Detailed]