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Probe Scanner -PROBE scanner

PROBE scanner cost-effective measure that can be used to solve the needs of large objects. Scanning with integrated controllers combine to make the measurement process with intelligent, high scan rate, the measured object can be moved along quickly, yet without losing details of the geometric accuracy of …[Detailed]

Three-dimensional scanner T-TRACK CS

T-TRACK CS three-dimensional optical tracking scanners cost-effective, widely used, inexpensive, even the low-end user market, but also can afford this section with the latest technology designed products. Integrated modular design can be personalized to meet the application needs of the user. An ordinary…[Detailed]

Laser scanner T-SCAN CS

SteInbichler T-SCAN CS can be a variety of different objects to scan the surface, with a high dynamic range data acquisition and unprecedented data acquisition rate. Users can enjoy fast scanning speed, highly accurate scan results. Perfect ergonomic design, no fatigue, more efficient operation; ergonomic…[Detailed]

Laser scanner T-SCAN 3

Steinbichler T scan-3 system in line with dynamics and ergonomically optimized design, allowing the system to achieve a higher level of performance: handheld portable, users can easily obtain the measured object (including large EUT) three-dimensional coordinates. System high accuracy and excellent data q…[Detailed]

Three-dimensional digital scanning system COMET 5 white…

德國Steinbichler光電技術有限公司傾情呈獻具有創新外型的COMET 5 掃描儀,完美適用于各行各業日益增長的應用需求,特別適用于產品開發和質量控制領域。COMET 5 性能卓越,使用簡便,是高要求應用的理想解決方案。在行業領先的基礎上,COMET 5 掃描儀采用了全新的投影技術,使測量速度達到更高性能等級: 數字化過程中,它的數據采…[Detailed]

Three-dimensional scanner (reverse engineering) Germany…

Germany Steinbichler three-dimensional scanner equipped with innovative LED lighting Blu-ray technology, robust design, exclusively for dust protection housing optical scanning probe assembly, as well as allowing canbus quality used in industrial environments quick connector. Due to its ultra-compact size…[Detailed]