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Adhesive sandpaper dry grinding

Specifications: adhesive sandpaper dry grinding, particle size: 3000 #, diameter 150mm[Detailed]

Metallographic grinding wheel

Wheel: Wool grinding wheel, particle size: 1200 #, an inner diameter of 32mm, an outer diameter of 150mm, thickness 0.5mm[Detailed]

Cornell China Metallurgical cutting discs

Metallurgical cutting disc suitable for cutting metallographic specimens, all cut pieces are made of a special preferred abrasive and difficult to break; sharp cutting, cutting heat is extremely small, shallow samples heat-affected layer, thereby minimizing interference for metallurgical the next step in …[Detailed]

Metallographic etchant

Usage: mainly used for terminal-sectional analysis, microstructure corrosion including terminal cross-section, cross-sectional analysis, metallographic grinding and polishing after etching. HCU metallographic etching solution, mainly used for brass, copper, phosphor bronze and other metallurgical corrosio…[Detailed]

Hot mosaic materials

Hot mosaic materials range of applications for a variety of small or irregular shape and easy to hand the work of metallographic sample preparation, through mechanisms like mosaic inlay work 8-15 minutes to complete the sample preparation.[Detailed]

Cold mosaic King

Cold Mounting King - the real "three noes" products: no heat, no pressure, no machine mosaic inlay material! "Cold mosaic King" is a domestic original, less than ten minutes to complete the mosaic, quickly and easily. Suitable for mosaic and non-mosaic machine places can not be heated sample, saving equip…[Detailed]

Cold mounting with mold

According to the sample size selection of different diameters insert molding, to meet the needs of mosaic large sample, but also save the cold mosaic materials using multiple mold insert multiple samples simultaneously using rubber elasticity, very easy release[Detailed]

Plastic sample clip

Plastic sample holder for flaky, needle-like sample erected after the mosaic for observing the cross section for flaky, needle-standing samples, after the mosaic for observing the cross-section[Detailed]

Metallographic polishing powder

Metallographic polishing powder Applications: metallurgical samples and a variety of instruments, meters and other parts of precision polishing, fine finish after throwing up △ 8- △ 12.[Detailed]

Metallographic sandpaper

Applications of various coarse grinding ferrous and nonferrous metallurgical samples, the grinding, ultra-fine grinding, dry grinding can also be wet milling, convenient and flexible, and pass quickly achieve the desired finish.[Detailed]

Polishing fabric

Applications: metallurgical samples and a variety of instruments, meters and other parts of precision polishing. After fine finish throwing up △ 8- △ 12.[Detailed]

Efficient diamond polishing agent

Efficient diamond polishing agent of the Company may provide the size of the polishing agent: w0.5, w1, w2, w3, w5, w7, w14, w20, w28, w40[Detailed]