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Huanair MS Video Measurement Software

Metallographic analysis, terminal profile analysis, video observed and measured, simple operation, a key export reports, beautiful format. Huanair MS measurement software features: 1. Dynamic observation image of the measured workpiece. 2. Capture, save, edit and print images. 3. Measuring basic elements.…[Detailed]

Grain size rating

Grain size rating following is an analysis of a metallurgical process image. Users need to strike the grain size of the metallurgical picture black and white grains. 74 Analysis Module The analysis carried out using the software.[Detailed]

Non-metallic inclusion rating

Non-metallic inclusion rating rating above principles YB9-68 standards of various types of non-metallic inclusions is also applicable to YB9-59 basic standards. ... Therefore, when the non-metallic inclusion rating, which is preferably selected to 100 times magnification[Detailed]

The average grain size of metal

The average grain size of these metal method is also applicable to non-metallic material grains switch of this standard rating diagram similar. These methods are mainly applied to single-phase grains, but after specific provisions also apply to the measurement of the average grain size of the sample group…[Detailed]

Ductile Iron rating

Ductile Iron Ductile Iron rating rating multi-module multi-map: ball size & grade & graphite matrix structure of the application function module, which can load multiple comp image while analyzing the "ball grade, size graphite matrix organization" and other related data and the resulting data is automati…[Detailed]

Gray cast iron Ratings

Ratings gray cast iron use this function module, which can load multiple comp image while analyzing the "distribution of graphite, graphite length, matrix structure, eutectic" and other relevant data, and generate data automatically import inspection report.[Detailed]