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Automatic three-dimensional image measuring instrument NVC432
【Product Name】Automatic three-dimensional image measuring instrument NVC432
【Product Category】Huanair
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【Updated】2016/5/30 22:38:12

The three-dimensional non-contact automatic image measuring instrument integration of innovative design concepts and to create superior value for money and the measurement feature-rich classic imager, with high precision and excellent stability, is the ideal choice for modern manufacturing. By the China Institute of Metrology certification authority, measuring the performance of the product is superior to its accuracy specifications.

Automatic three-dimensional image measuring instrument NVC432

product description:
     VMC series is the company introduced a fully automatic optical image measuring instrument, X / Y / Z-axis closed loop servo control system, with high precision lenses, U-axis stepper control system, you can choose other ranges, the use of very facilitate accurate measurement of complex surface of the workpiece. It can achieve automatic optical measurement software, and the workpiece mass, rapid detection, along with SPC data analysis.
1,4 with programmable LED lights cold light source, can do a variety of complex workpiece surface measurement, making the measurement more accurate.
2, increase the laser for accurate scanning at any height, flatness, outline degree.
3, full mouse / joystick operation, easy to use.
4, four-axis CNC control system.
5, Retional Vue automatic image measurement software.
Technical Parameters:

Specific models


(X / Y / Z axis) to measure the stroke (mm)

400 * 300 * 200

The whole machine size (mm)

980 * 650 * 1650

Machine base and column materials

Precision granite


Japanese brands 430,000 pixel color CCD

X, Y-axis measurement accuracy

(3 + L / 200) μm


Step Zoom Optical magnification: 0.7X-4.5X, image magnification: 28X-180X

Optical scale resolution




Operation method


Power supply

110 / 220V

Suitable temperature, humidity,

Temperature: 19 ° --24 °, Humidity: 45% - 75%

warranty period

1 year Table

PCB, mobile phone accessories, connectors, mechanical parts and other high-volume rapid detection

Automatic three-dimensional image measuring instrument NVC432