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Auto Parts Cleanliness Tester
【Product Name】Auto Parts Cleanliness Tester
【Product Category】Auto Parts Cleanliness Tester
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【Updated】2016/5/31 13:59:36

Auto Parts Cleanliness Tester

The auto parts cleanliness collection system meets all sealed one hundred clean space by cleaning fluid to clean the parts. Cleaning fluid and air purification limited self-test and self-cleaning, automatic recovery filter residue after cleaning, the cleaning fluid loop filter can be reused. With my company vision detector, parts and residue detection and analysis. Cleanliness testing and analysis system in line with ISO16232 VDA19 ISO04406 ISO4407, GB / T-20082, the automotive industry and hydraulic cleanliness testing, lubrication industry authority particle detection products.

Collection system technical parameters:
· Cleaning area size (W * D * H): 600 * 500 * 700mm (can be customized)
Maximum load: 100KG
Internal Material: 304 stainless steel mirror
· Working gas source: 0.4-1.0 MPa
· Noise: <60dB
· Cleaning pressure: 0-5bar continuously adjustable
· Vacuum: Max 660mmHg (-0.88bar)
· Tank: 15L * 2
· Recovery filter fine filter precision: 0.22μm
Pressure tank outlet filtration precision: 0.45μm
* For detection filters: ?47mm (or customer specified)