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Terminal section analyzer TCM4000S
【Product Name】Terminal section analyzer TCM4000S
【Product Category】Terminal cross-section analyzer machine
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【Updated】2021/8/31 11:18:25

Terminal section analyzer TCM4000S

This automatic terminal section analyzer is an integrated cutting and grinding machine with 7” touch screen, it is water-cooled precision automatic cutting and water-cooled automatic grinding. Applicable cutting range 0.008--450mm2 , precision2μm。The system is suitable cross-sectional areas of the terminal   automotive industry, household appliances industry, electronic industry and     other  analytical testing requirements.

Terminal section analyzer TCM4000S


1. Without resin solidification

In previous, it is needed with resin solidification, then need rough grinding,   polishing, time-consuming and laborious, making a sample can take many    hours.  Now this product does not need resin solidification, it takes about 5  minutes  to make a sample.


2. automatic cutting & grinding machine

This cutting and grinding machine, there are four modes, including automatic mode, cutting mode, grinding mode; in "learning mode", this mode can   see the picture to learn to operate the machine ; Customized cutting and     grinding can even be customized by setting parameters. Visual cutting position confirmation (optional), cutting position arbitrary setting.

Terminal section analyzer TCM4000S

3. Cutting and grinding machine has a 7 inch touch screen cross , two languages( Chinese and English), you can operate it with no pressure


Terminal section analyzer TCM4000S

4. Special Terminal fixture, suitable for  different kinds of terminal blocks

Exquisite stainless steel fixture , hollow terminal upper end, fine teeth        clamping, good assistant for precision cutting, corrosion resistance;


Terminal section analyzer TCM4000S

5. Professional software in Chinese and English (exported to Asia, Europe and the United States),Support Windows operating system; Automatic analysis C/H,    C/W,Compression ratio, Porosity, Etc.  More than 10 standard test items ,      fully satisfied VW60330, Renault 36-05-019/--G, PSA 9634115099, QC T       417.1-2001 Etc standards. You also can establish any test items and testing   standards;

Terminal section analyzer TCM4000S

Software automatic AI function, test products do not need to put straight, as long as the image center, automatic rotation test; Automatic test, one-click export terminal section test report (Excel format), can be saved or printed.

System Structure

1. Germany SEW Motor high-power precision cutting motor (can realize power off stop   and continue cutting function); Japan Shinano precision grinding and automatic lifting motor.

2. Color HD 7 inch touch screen.

3. Japan MISUMI ball screw and Taiwan TBI slide

4. X axis Japan Shinano motor

5. Objective lens, high definition industrial camera :Germany Basler 500M pixels CCD    camera;0.2X-1.2X ,or 0.7-4.5X Objective lens, Total video magnification:18~419X

6. Scope of application:0.008~450mm2

7. Precision cutting range:30*30mm,or diameter φ ≤30mm.

8. (Power supply):AC100V~AC240V,(P)2500W

9. Analysis software:Professional terminal section analysis software (X-Scan)

10. Cutting blade:Φ150X0.5mm

11. Abrasive paper:1200# 

12. Standard optical device:0.1/10mm

13. 100ml Terminal metallographic cleaning fluid

14. Light source:All white LED adjustable lighting device

15. 22”LCD All in one computer